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This town of a modest 26,000 population centred on the river Frome in the Mendip district of Somerset; it sits central to four areas of outstanding beauty, at the bottom of the Cotswolds, to the East of Mendip hills, above Cranbourne Chase and a short distance to the West of North Wessex Down.

With such beautiful surroundings to choose from why not pick them all to visit; this is easy to do as long as your vehicle is fully roadworthy. A regular car servicing or an MOT will assess your car against industry standards to ensure aspects such as your car tyres are fit for purpose, if not merely buy tyres using our easy to use tyres online service.

We offer a vast catalogue of cheap tyres ranging from economy tyres to high spec models. We also cater for our commercial clients with their van tyres and 4x4 tyres easily located; we can even visit your place of business with our mobile tyres and fit them at no inconvenience to you.

Car Tyres, Van Tyres we have it all and then some!

If you prefer the personal touch then one of our friendly staff will help with economy tyres within our store, you can order your car tyres and have a cuppa while we take care of your car servicing needs or put your vehicle through its MOT.

Are you stopping a little slower at traffic lights, don’t let your families safety be forgotten it might become too late! Book in your MOT and major service and we offer a free brake check that will find a remedy for your wheels. While your budget tyres are accessible we can also provide a free tyre check as part of your full car and van service.

For further details on our car tyres and the tyres online system then feel free to get in touch. We shall show you around our cheap tyres be it for your car, van tyres or 4x4 tyres and offer your chance to make the most of our mobile tyres for your convenience.