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Pirelli, Goodyear? Buy Tyres in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Cheap Tyres from Dunlop to Suit your Needs.

Situated near Swindon and Calne the town of Royal Wootton Bassett sits, with hints of history all around the place, is a sight to behold. For trips further afield it is accessible to the M4. For trips to the towns locality and beyond be sure to buy tyres fit for purpose... our range is here.

The Michelin 4x4 tyres offer unique pattern treads that not only perform in dry conditions but also have excellent traction in snow and wet weathers. Drive in all climates with the Michelin tyre.

Dunlop tyres offer high angled ribs which increase the tyres stiffness which in turn provides more controlled cornering and general handling. Dunlop has tyres for all purposes.

The Goodyear tyre offers cutting edge technology even at 120 years old; their soft comfort tech provides up to 50% less interior noise with no effect on performance! Buy tyres from our Goodyear range.

The Pirelli all weather tyre offers a concentration of technology to provide the benefits of both winter tyres and summer for an all year round cost-effective solution. Take a look at our Pirelli range.

The rolling resistance of the Continental van tyres provide a cost-effective solution to managing your fleet of vehicles, this along with the optimal transfer of lateral force means fuel consumption reduces along with your carbon footprint. Make a difference with the Continental tyre.

Winter Tyres for your Vehicles, Don’t let the Weather Beat You...

The Firestone winter tyres provide a safe and steady performance through rain and snowy conditions, with excellent wear resistance to ensure your safety in all weathers. See our Firestone range here.

The Goodyear tyre has many elements of innovation that sets it apart and provides their users with safety and efficiency.

Our specialist staff are always glad to help with your Bridgestone tyre or other car tyres such as Avon, Hankook or Nexen. For cost efficiency, our cheap tyres range is still worth a browse.