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How to check your tyre tread depth and condition

  • The wear bars on car, van and 4X4 tyres indicate the minimum legal UK tyre tread depth of 1.6mm

Help and advice for checking the condition of your car, van and 4x4 tyres and that they comply with minimum legal UK tread depth of 1.6mm

Peer into the bottom of the tread grooves of your tyre and you’ll see raised rubber strips. These are the Tyre Wear Indicators; if your tyres tread wears down to their level on any part of the tread, it’s definitely time for new tyres, because you’re approaching the UK legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Best not to wait until then, though, because the more tread depth you have, the better your tyre will perform in wet conditions. And never let your tread wear down further than the Tread Wear Indicators or you could face a very large fine and other legal punishments. What’s more, your car’s handling and road holding will become unstable and unpredictable – not good.

It doesn’t take long to cast your eye over your tyres treads, and it’s time well spent.  Please contact our friendly tyre experts if you would like us to check the condition of your tyres and tread depth.