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Buy Tyres in Trowbridge, Many Firestone Types Available.

From Winter Tyres to Motorbike Tyres we have it All!

Trowbridge is a former mill town in Wiltshire. The M4 offers a convenient connection to Swindon and beyond, with excellent road trips come the need to replace cheap tyres, we have many solutions...

The specially designed grooves on the Michelin tyre makes drainage on wet roads more manageable, ensuring a safer grip and peace of mind. Take a look at the perks of the Michelin tyre.

Pirelli tyres are used as the standard for some of the most lucrative cars around from the Bentley to the Porsche. Check out our range of Pirelli wheels to see your vehicle's tyres.

Tired of your fleet being stuck in snowy conditions the Firestone van tyre range offer standard tyres along with winter tyres to help reduce time off the roads. Buy tyres from our Firestone range.

With its unique "Kontrol" technology Hankook seek to ease the dynamic of the driver through the car onto the road, providing consumers with joy while driving. Ask for more information on our Hankook range.

The structure of the Nexen van tyres offers optimal handling and provides even wear on its footprint meaning fewer changes required and more time for your fleet on the road. Get in touch to discuss our Nexen range.

Some Avon tyres have a more substantial groove footprint that aims to clear water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning quickly. Avon keeps wet driving safety in mind.

Firestone, Providing Winter Tyre for All Weathers...

The Firestone multiseason tyres offer the performance of a winter tyre along with any other season meaning that "one tyre fits all" For a smart all year round solution take a look at our Firestone range.

From racing to road our Pirelli range offers the best in motorbike tyres, their treads vary depending on the function of the bike and what terrain it will peruse.

Our outlets are available to field any questions relating to our Bridgestone range along with other types such as Dunlop, Continental or Goodyear. Maybe a cheap tyres might be more fitting to your needs?