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How to check car tyre pressures

  • Checking car tyre pressures with a digital tyre pressure gauge is more accurate than relying on the airline at a petrol station

Tyre pressures must be checked at least monthly. You’ll find the right tyre pressures for your car in the handbook, the inside of the driver’s door panel or inside the fuel flap cover.

If you’re checking the tyre pressures on your car, van or 4x4 yourself, try to use a digital tyre pressure gauge – they’re not expensive but they are more accurate than the gauge on most garage forecourts. It’s important to check the pressures when your tyres are cold, so wait for about an hour from when you last drove on them.

Another thing to remember is that if you’re driving at constant high speeds or are carrying a heavy load, the tyres pressures may need to be adjusted– again, consult your car’s handbook or ask your local fitting centre for advice regarding the correct tyre pressures for driving conditions.

Under- or over-inflated tyres can seriously affect your car’s handling, ride and braking behavior and could lead to an accident. In other words, it pays to get the tyre pressures right. It’s worth noting that you can’t always tell just by looking, so always use a tyre pressure gauge. Also bear in mind that a wrongly inflated tyre will wear out quicker, which will leave a nasty feeling in your wallet. A tyre inflated to the correct pressures will give you optimum fuel consumption and wet grip.