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Mobile Puncture Repair

Free Tyre Check And Wheel Alignment Brought To You!

Expert Puncture Repair on The Go!

We’re Here to Save You Money and Time.

Wiltshire tyres provide mobile puncture repair services for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas including Swindon, Salisbury, Chippenham, Marlborough and Devizes. Our dedicated team of mobile tyre fitting will come to your home, place of business or location of your choice to repair punctures and if necessary replace your damaged tyres.

Puncture Repair, We Come to You!

A tyre puncture repair will save you money, costing only a fraction of the price of a replacement tyre.  From slow punctures to rapid deflations due to debris such as nails, as long as the puncture is within the main tread area and you have not driven on and overheated the deflated tyre it will often be possible to carry out a fast puncture repair to get you back on the road quickly along with wheel alignment of course.

We’re Committed to The Highest of Standards.

Wiltshire Tyre’s fleet of specially equipped mobile tyre fitting vans are equipped with tyre puncture repair facilities and puncture is professionally repaired to BSAU 159 standard.

Legal Requirements

British standard BS AU159 sets out the rules for repairs to car tyres. It defines the type of damage that can be repaired and the way that repairs should be carried out.

If we are unable to repair your budget tyres you can buy cheap car tyres from our tyre search and we can come again with your chosen wheel to fit on site. This service extends to van tyres and we can also source and fit commercial tyres such as lorry tyres.