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Winter tyres at up to 40% discount with free mobile fitting

Winter tyres make driving in cold temperatures and on wet, ice or snow covered roads easier and safer. And with the extreme winter weather that has affected Wiltshire and the UK in recent years many drivers have discovered the benefits of fitting winter tyres to their cars, vans and even 4x4 vehicles.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are specifically designed to work in temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade.  Fitting winter tyres has been the norm in mainland Europe for many years, in fact it has been legal requirement in Germany since 2010, and an increasing number of UK motorists have discovered the benefits of winter tyres for themselves.

What are the benefits of fitting winter tyres?

The softer rubber compound and special tread pattern of a winter tyre provides increased grip and performance while significantly shortening stopping distances on wet, greasy, snow and ice covered roads while deeper grooves disperse water faster and reduce the danger of aquaplaning.

Will I need new wheel rims if I want to fit winter tyres?

In the majority of cases no, Wiltshire Tyres can supply winter tyres in a wide range of sizes to fit most vehicles.  In some cases, such as vehicles with very large wheels and ultra-low profile tyres, it may be necessary to purchase a second set of slightly smaller wheel rims in order to fit winter tyres. 

For convenience many people opt to use a second set of steel wheels fitted with winter tyres, simply swapping wheels as the seasons change.  However, storage space for a second set of wheels can be an issue and both winter and summer tyres should be stored correctly to ensure that they are protected to preserve their condition.  For this reason Wiltshire Tyres offers ‘winter tyre storage and exchange service to customers in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Tyres winter tyre storage and exchange service

Our ‘winter tyre storage and exchange servicehas been created for customers in Wiltshire who wish to take advantage of the added safety and security provided by winter tyres but do not have the space to store an extra set of wheels.  Wiltshire Tyres will store your winter tyres and wheels for you at our secure and fully insured warehouse, ensuring that your tyres are kept in the best possible condition and available at short notice.  Simply book and appointment and our mobile fitting service will bring your winter tyres to you and remove your summer tyres for storage through the winter months.

Buy winter tyres for your car, van or 4x4 with free mobile fitting and up to a 40% discount on RRP

With Wiltshire Tyres buying new winter tyres at up to 40% off retail prices with free mobile fitting is fast and easy.  Simply enter the size of your car, van or 4x4 tyres on our website, choose from the list of budget, mid-range and premium winter tyres and book an appointment for one of our expert mobile tyre fitting technicians to visit at a time and place in Wiltshire convenient to you.  If you require advice or assistance please contact Wiltshire Tyres or speak to one of our tyre experts by calling 0844 335 0320 local rate.