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Tyres Salisbury - Wiltshire Tyres

Are you based in Salisbury and need tyres? Our mobile tyre fitters will come to your home, workplace, or anywhere that suits you!

Our mobile tyre fitting offers convenience for Salisbury vehicles

If you are lucky enough to live in the cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, there are many aspects of the settlement that you won't need us to remind you about. Nonetheless, it's hard to overlook the appeal of Salisbury Cathedral, plus attractions like Old Sarum and Stonehenge which, though outside the city, are well worth travelling to. This begins to explain why many Salisbury residents could highly appreciate our services in providing and fitting tyres for a range of vehicles.

Why we could benefit many Salisbury people

While Salisbury itself is relatively small with its population recorded as 40,302 in the 2011 census, there remains a treasure trove of history - and physical remnants of that history - in the large area that includes both the city and its surroundings. While many of Salisbury's residents should find little hassle in walking the short distance to the city's Anglican cathedral, they could opt to journey in vehicles to get closer to Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site roughly 8 miles north-west, and Old Sarum, now an English Heritage property approximately 2 miles north.

Salisbury is noteworthy for its lack of roads; however, getting out of the city by road is straightforward, as it is intersected by the A30, A36 and A338 roads while meeting the end of the A343, A345, A354 and A360 routes. Therefore, Salisbury residents have good reasons to keep cars and 4x4s for when they want to embark on trips - and these types of vehicles, along with vans, are what our team here at Wiltshire Tyres can provide tyres for. Furthermore, thanks to our mobile tyre fitting service, we can arrange to fit tyres where our Salisbury customers live or work.

Tyres in Salisbury

We can spare you a long journey

If you live in Salisbury, you are probably daunted by the idea of taking your car to a tyre fitting facility many miles away from your home - even if you are already used to regularly making lengthy journeys in that vehicle. However, once you have decided which of the tyres in our stock, which includes Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop and Cooper products, you would like to buy, we can travel from our base in Chippenham to fit your chosen tyres at your residence or workplace. We should add that we can meet up with you at a convenient time for fitting tyres in Salisbury.

We operate a fleet of mobile vans that come with modern equipment including computerised wheel balancing units. Furthermore, as we do not run a conventional high street tyre outlet, we do not have to pay the significant financial costs of doing so. This means that we can pass the savings onto you with the highly competitive prices that we attach to the tyres in our selection. Also, you don't have to pay for the tyre fitting until the tyres have actually been put into place. At that point, you just pay the fitter; you can choose to pay by cash or, as we prefer, credit or debit card.


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