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Mobile Tyre & Wheel Balancing

Wiltshire Tyres provide mobile wheel and tyre balancing services for cars, 4x4 and van's at your home, pace of business or any location in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.

Mobile Car Tyre and Wheel Balancing Services in Wiltshire

Wheel balancing can prolong the life of your tyres and save you time and money in the long-run. If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration at highway speeds that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or the seat. This can gradually cause excessive tyre wear and create an uncomfortable ride. Wheel balancing ensures that your is safe, suspension and tyres do not wear prematurely wear and may improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.  Our wheel balancing service is included in the price of our new tyres.

Our experienced tyre technicians will balance your wheels using our balancing machine in order to poorly balanced wheels, restoring ride quality and protecting your tyres. Each of our mobile tyre fitting and repair vehicles is fully equiped with the latest digital wheel balancing machines.

All wheels removed from your vehicle by Wiltshire Tyres will be balanced before being replaced, a service that is included in the price of every tyre or puncture repair. As a result, you should notice a smoother ride and better tyre wear.

Wiltshire Tyres can balance your remaining wheels whilst we are changing your tyres for a fee of £10 + VAT per extra wheel. Remember balancing of your new tyres is included in the price of your new tyres.

  • Avon
  • Birdgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Firestone
  • Good Year
  • Honcook
  • infinity
  • maxxis
  • michelin
  • nexen
  • pirelli