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Exhaust Services from ABC Tyres

Book your free Exhaust Check Appointment at ABC Tyres

If you are concerned about the performance your exhaust or catalytic converter please book an appointment at our centre and our expert technicians will complete a free, no-obligation inspection.

Whatever vehicle you drive, at ABC Tyres we are able to fit or repair the perfect exhaust system for you. We fit exhuasts to all makes and models of car, 4x4 and light commercial vehicle.

Optimum fuel efficiency.

All exhausts produce six gases as emissions; of the six, three are toxic (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide). Your exhaust emissions system is the only means of channeling away those noxious fumes. An exhaust that has failed can lead to these fumes being drawn into the vehicle cabin and prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes can make a vehicle occupant feel drowsy, which could lead to an even greater danger, so it’s important to maintain a healthy exhaust system.

Under existing regulations a police officer can warrant the removal of any vehicle from the roadways on the suspicion that it is producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust. Also, if your vehicle exhaust system is broken and noisy your vehicle will come under police scrutiny. Your vehicle will also fail its MOT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded.

For best practice and to keep your vehicle in ideal condition, ABC Tyres recommends you have your vehicle emissions and exhaust system checked at least twice a year for cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, corrosion, failed gaskets and high levels of pollutant gasses.

We can also supply and fit catalytic converters. These help to clean emissions from the car engine so the gas from the exhaust pipe is predominantly carbon dioxide and water. Emissions from vehicles are now an important part of the MOT test and all new vehicles are fitted with catalytic converters, as required by law.

We work with a variety of well-known exhaust manufacturers, including Bosal and Klarius, and will also look to work with original parts where applicable. As well as fitting new exhausts we will also undertake exhaust repairs when possible, avoiding unnecessary replacements to help save you money.

Ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for, all prices quoted for exhausts and catalytic converters are fully inclusive of any clamps, brackets and gaskets required.

Our exhaust services include:

  • Full or part exhaust systems
  • Catalytic converters supplied and fitted
  • Most makes and models available